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Balanced Scorecard for Small Businesses: What's your true vision?
by Paul Bergquist, CEO, Axsellit AS

Imagine closing your eyes and dreaming about your future for just a few minutes. What's it going to be like five to ten years down the road? What's happened to your company? What's happened to you? Are you teeing off on a luxury golf course in the Caribbean while your spouse has taken your yacht out to catch some big fish? Or are you snuggling up in a cozy mountain cabin somewhere in the wilderness while your private plane sits in the nearest open field?

Whatever it is, let’s call it your personal vision. It is what you want your future to hold. Now…take this exercise one step further and imagine exactly what needs to happen with your company to make that dream come true. Great! You have just constructed your company’s vision…much the same way that Bill Gates and friends did when they envisioned “a computer with a Microsoft operating system in every home."

While there can be a tremendous amount of energy and direction in a carefully drafted vision statement, don't just create a vision because everyone needs to have one. That defeats the purpose of the exercise. Create visions for yourself and your company that you truly want to experience. Make them tangible and realistic even if they will be difficult to achieve.

The Destination Metrics
Now, you know where you want to go. The next step is to determine the important numbers to get you there, such as:

  • How much revenue do you need?
  • How many products should be in your portfolio?
  • How many subscribers or customers are necessary?

The answers to the preceding questions are called your Destination Metrics. They are the levels your company needs to reach over the next five to ten years in order to make your dream come true.

Your dream is now no longer just a dream—it has been transformed into a tangible business target! .

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