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Create clear and easy-to-understand strategic road maps with Axsellit Strategy Mapper.

You know how vital it is that your company be strategy-driven. And you also know that people involved with your company, whether colleagues or clients, learn best when presented with clear, effective visuals that excite and inspire.

Kaplan and Norton have revolutionized the business community by defining how a company should visualize its corporate strategy. Now you can access that same insight with Axsellit Strategy Mapper.

One tool, one map, to effectively communicate your vital business ideas to your organization and its stakeholders.

Spend your time designing your strategy, not thinking about your software.

Why be stuck with moving boxes and arrows? PowerPointTM cannot natively produce effective strategy maps.

Axsellit Strategy Mapper allows you to create your own professional strategy maps--just like the ones by Kaplan and Norton and as advocated by major consulting companies.

You’ll be able to clearly see the essential issues in each strategy implementation project:

  • Main objectives
  • Cause-and-effect linkages
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Metrics and measurables to assess your business success


Design stunning strategy maps with absolutely no risk

"Now I can spend my workshop time wiser. One click to get a complete print of my strategic business model documentation, including ready-to-use strategy maps. It’s eye candy communication for my business, effortless and intuitive ".

Use Axsellit Strategy mapper risk free with our unprecedented 120 days money-back guarantee!

  • Be 100% satisfied or get your money back.
  • There will be no forms to fill out.
  • There will be no questions asked.

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